brian brendan olsen
Brian Olsen
An Olympian, data scientists, and combat-tested leader, my passion is bringing clarity of vision to organizations operating in complex, ambiguous, and high-velocity environments.

Currently, I am part of making history at Amazon Web Services (AWS) as we lead the cloud computing technology revolution to bring customers highly scalable, reliable, and low-cost technology services that enable them to focus on differentiated innovation in their core business space. As a member of the CloudPath Infrastructure Leadership Development Program, my objective is to find and harness cross-functional opportunities for continuous improvement as we build the infrastructure serving our customers.

Before Amazon, I pursued an eclectic career as an Olympic athlete, web journalist, U.S. Army engineer officer, funded data scientist, non-profit director, and management consultant. I count trail running, back-country skiing, and sailing among my many active passions. Reach out to me if you share a professional or personal passion, or are interested in becoming part of the Amazon team. We're hiring!

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