brian brendan olsen
Brian Olsen
A combat-tested and medal-winning leader, with a thirst to help others identify, pursue, and achieve their goals. My passion is enabling others to grow their collective impact through more deliberate planning and effective employment of their resources. I bring an eclectic background to clients with 15 years experience as an Olympic athlete, military officer, non-profit director, and funded data scientist.

My demonstrated specialties are:

. providing clear & actionable insights from complex data to inform better decision-making.
. empowering agile teams to develop creative solutions.
. succeeding in hostile, stressful, and resource-constrained environments through innovation.

A 2006 Olympian in the sport of biathlon, I am now pursuing an MBA at the University of Washington, while also completing a Master’s of Geographic Information Science at the University of Utah. My graduate research seeks to understand the growth of 4G LTE cell phone data service and where public-private partnerships would most effectively enable greater rural access to broadband internet in Utah.

Before retiring from competition in 2009, I joined the U.S. Army and its sports program. Later, I commissioned as an engineer officer and led a contingent of 60 soldiers to Afghanistan where I managed construction projects and training of the Afghan Army on the Pakistan border. I have led soldiers in groups of 5 to 150 members over my eight year career, with my most recent assignments served in operations and performance auditing.

Continuing my passion for the Olympic Games and its ideals, I am active as a board member, athlete representative, and coach. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Geography from the University of Vermont, and count back-country skiing, trail running, and sailing among my many active passions.

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